Thank You For Good Friends

One of the things that you have to do if you want to have a calm and satisfied existence here on earth, is to try to maintain a steady outlook. That can be tough sometimes.

Just recently I was tested. By stuff. Somehow it seems that I am always tested by the material world. There must be some sort of karmic message there. I just haven’t sorted out what it is yet.

On the other hand, the thing that keeps me centered and most often brings me joy is people. Ifriends am fortunate enough in my life to be surrounded by loving and giving people. Good thing too. I really do need the counter balance. And especially I need friends that are good with stuff.

My car died. That’s it. Maybe in your world that is not a big deal. In my world it is. I am totally flummoxed by things like this. I have no idea how a car works. I get in and turn the key and it starts. Until it doesn’t.

That was this. I got in, put the key in the slot and started the car. Except it didn’t. The car was obviously broke. Should I call the shop  (I have them on speed dial)? Not this time. This time I happened to run into a neighbor who said he’d have a look at it.

So he came over with his truck and popped the hood. After disappearing under there for a bit doing I don’t know what, he popped out and dug behind the seat in his truck.

He came up with one of those handheld battery jumper pack units. You know, the ones that you charge somehow and carry around with you just for emergencies.

He dragged it over and hooked the cable thingies up to my battery and told me to start it. And it did!

Apparently all I needed was a new battery. I got one and so far, so good.

I also got a portable jump starter of my own.

Thank God for friends.

Describe Yourself

In truth the answer to having a happy and fullfilled life is to be yourself. Truly.

No one else can tell you what makes you happy. Only by getting out and trying stuff will you be able to define what it is about life that makes it worth getting out of bed every morning. (If that is what makes you happy- maybe lying in bed for a day does it for you. Only you know.)

How else would I come to understand that the things that are supposed to make someone like me happy are indeed, not those things. I had to get over myself. The myself that society told me was the self that I needed to be. To Be Happy. I had to get out there in the world and try some things. Things that were outside the norm for my circle.

That meant that I had to lose some of my circle, of course, but the ones that stayed around are my real circle. The ones that left are not. Remember you are you, not some social construct designed to keep those around you happy.

burning-man-smallAnyway, once I decided that I just needed to dig into things that interested me, regardless of whether my friends and family were going to have my back, that was the time when things really started to click for me.

It is likely that this is the only time I will  mention this, since that is not the purpose of this blog. If you want to know more about the choices like those I had to make the information is all over the internet. You won’t have to go far.

This blog is supposed to be about the things that make me happy, not about the way that I came to realize what those things are. So if that interests you, if you would like to hear more, come on back and see what I have been up to.

My Passion.  My life.

Importance of Fun

Today is the best day to get started on anything. In the case of this blog the day is today for starting one. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

The thing about platitudes and cliches involved in navigating everyday life are not less meaningful for being platitudes. That is the thing about cliches, they are true and they are trite and they are ridiculed for being used over and over, but the reason they are used over and over is because they have kernels of truth at their center.

So when this blog gets up and running, it will be the type of place where you can expect to hear those types of phrases. A place where you will hear, again, about things you already likely know about. But it will be a different truth none the less, because it will come from a different source, on that hopefully you will learn to trust to give you a spin that will resonate with you.

Time is that thing that we can’t afford to waste.